Container in position

The container is now in its final, albeit temporary, position.  It will stay here to be used to store equipment and naterials etc until the foundations and slab for the new building are done.  I will then move it into its final position (not sure how yet) where it will from the core of the new building and secure store.

Moving the container

Very many thanks to Tim from Tower Hill Farm who is towing the container into position.  We used a high tensile steel chain attached to the bottom corners of the box and through the 3 point linkage on the tractor.  This allowed us to lift the front of the box as we pulled it.  The video is too big to podt here but this is a link to my Youtube channel.

The container arrives

Unloading the container which will form the core of the new building.  Many thanks to Mark Kelman of Kelman Crane Hire (07944420135) who was the only transporter brave enough to come off the tarmac road and through the gates on the farm track.

The video is too big to post here but this is the link to my Youtube channel